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In the rural areas, women are like slaves subject to drudgery. They are there just to obey their fathers, brothers and husbands. They do not have the right to decide about themselves because women are considered as foolish creatures according to the dominant social and cultural norms. Likewise marriage is also a sort of trade between different families both in the rural and urban areas. They are highly vulnerable to violation of their rights to life.
A woman's right to liberty is restricted in the name of modesty, protection and prevention of immoral activity. In rural areas 90% of women work in the fields. They work for the whole day with their male family members, but they still have to face their wrath. Male family members keep a strict eye on the female family members in the name of "honour".
Women donít have proper skills to get job especially, uneducated women. Because the family doesnít allowed them to get education therefore when they get married and have to earn for their family they face difficult situation.
Keeping in view the situation of women at Sheikhupura Zindagi Foundation established a sewing center for women at Sheikhupura in 2006 who want to learn the sewing skills and work in different garments factories.


Women from different areas of the Sheikhupura attended the sewing classes. They are given skills for sewing of different kind of fabrics. Currently there are eight women who are attending the sewing center. Lady instructor is the responsible for the women sewing center

(May 2002-May 2006)