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Pakistan Earthquake Appeal

On October 8, 2005, a magnitude 7.6 earthquake jolted Pakistan. People were bathing and having breakfast, children were at their desks in schools, shop owners were opening their market stalls, and the streets were becoming busy with the bustle of daily activity.

Within a matter of minutes, the earthquake caused entire villages to disappear under a pile of rubble and earth. Schools crashed down on their children, homes upon their families, buildings on those in the shops and on the street. The death toll is estimated at more than 74,000 in Pakistan and 1,400 in India. More than 3 million people are said to be homeless.

Zindagi Foundation arranged camps to collect relief good from the people at Sheikhupura. The relief good includes blankets, warm clothes, shoes, eatable goods and medicines.

Besides sending relief goods Zindagi Foundation also conducted medical camps at Balakot, Mansehra and Azad Jamu and Kashmir.

Zindagi Foundation appeal to all the donors or relief organization to support the rehabilitation programs in Pakistan