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Our Work


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The life of sex workers and their children are mystified in a society where they are stigmatized and socially isolated from the so-called mainstream society. Other people interpret the life of these people according to the preconceived notions

These children do not have role model before them, either in their mother or father or in the neighborhood. Majority of them live in the vicinity of their own people. The children are exposed to immoral activities of their mothers and relatives and one cannot expect these children to be different when they grow as adults. Some of them live with their mothers even when they provide service to the men fold. This action and situation does not support them to grow as better people. The role models are poor. Some children stay with relatives, without knowing who their father is. The relatives and even mother is poor role model for their growth. By the times she attains puberty she is exposed to sexual experience and many a time they become un-wed mothers and continue as sex workers as they find themselves caught in the vicious circle


One teacher was hired for teaching the children of sex workers. She was already working as activator in Red Light Area Lahore. Free Books and Note Books are being provided by the Zindagi Foundation.


The program was started in 2006 and currently there are ten students who are studying at primary level

(May 2002 - May 2006)